Alex Paullin

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United States




  • James Madison University
  • B.S., Geographic Science

Current organisation

Conservation Music

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Skills and Expertise

Climate change
Event planning
Film making
Social entrepreneurship

Areas of interest

Human Rights
Sustainable Development

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I am a musical conservationist. At 27 years old, I have spent the last three years of my life building a platform and a community for global musicians to inform their fellow citizens, and the world, about environmental issues and grassroots solutions in their countries. When I first arrived in Southern Africa in 2015, little did I know that I would start a grassroots music revolution. This is Conservation Music (CM). Since I was a child, I have trusted, and pursued, science as humanity’s most tried and tested source of truth and progress. However, it’s been said that science alone cannot solve mankind’s environmental crises; only a spiritual and cultural revolution amongst those who are causing or facing the problems can do so. Science can discover, prove, inform, and educate, but people must respond to science in order to create action. Art, film, and musical collaboration all have a powerful role in sharing knowledge gained through science, and evoking emotion to cause sustainable, equitable action. My team and I have survived hand-to-mouth for three years now, investing virtually every morsel of our time, money, and energy into making high quality educational media to give away for free. We have made leaps and bounds of progress despite a severe lack of funding, and I am incredibly proud of the content, the learning, the impact, and the partnerships that we have made so far. My team is now en route from Cape Town to Kilimanjaro, gathering and capturing local stories, impacts, and grassroots solutions of climate change through music. Through this journey we are building our network and portfolio, while gaining international attention for both our own cause and the partners we assist along the way. This is Expedition #K2K.


Conservation Music is a grassroots organization that cultivates the use of music as an educational tool for a healthy planet. Through our work, we strive to create balance between humankind, nature and society through the production and distribution of educational content, musical workshops, live events and classroom resources. Our approach engages various members of society, regardless of race, status, or level of education, and gives vulnerable populations and local musicians a platform to contribute towards the content being created for environmental change and awareness. We go directly to the villages, we facilitate the conversations between the artists and/or the community members to identify local environmental issues and find an entertaining method of expressing them, and we distribute content directly to partners, classrooms, and fellow artists. The goal for Conservation Music is to inspire a new music revolution to spread across the planet. In every country that we work in, we strive to empower local musicians, community leaders, and eco-ngos to collaborate and form strategic, sustainable partnerships. Some of these partnerships culminate in local Conservation Music chapters operating autonomously, planning and executing their own environmental education projects, and inspiring their own communities to join the movement. We have been able to see this dream become a reality in Lesotho. Conservation Music Lesotho is an official registered chapter and is being led by four young women that believe in the power of music to create environmental action. The chapter recently received its first grant, from the U.S. Embassy, to screen our content across rural communities and schools in Lesotho. This further proves that our scalable vision for a global network of self-sustaining local chapters and implementing partners is viable!