Meet the 2018 OFID Scholars

The OPEC Fund for International Development OFID has sponsored 165 delegates to attend One Young World Summits since 2011 and will be bringing 20 outstanding young leaders to The Hague next month.

The 20 OFID scholars have been chosen for the impact they have demonstrated through projects that meet basic needs - such as food, energy, clean water and sanitation, healthcare and education. There work has been recognised as inspiring hope for the future by encouraging communities to be self-reliant.


Mary Helda Akongo. Uganda

Operations and program manager of Zimba Women, a social enterprise that provides tools and technology platforms, business training, mentorship, and networks for women and girls in under-served communities in sub-Saharan Africa.

Muuo Kiko. Kenya

Co-founded Angaza Elimu, an edtech social enterprise, to transform education across Kenya and the entire African continent by addressing the problem of inefficient classrooms and inadequate educational material.

Fatoumatta Kassama. The Gambia

Initiated Eye Care For All to provide free home-based and community eye care services for the less privileged such as orphans, refugees, people living with disabilities, the elderly and prisoners.

Tamana Asey. Afghanistan

An obstetrician and gynaecologist who has helped hundreds of Afghan women to live a healthy life and deliver a healthy one too. A vocal advocate of women’s rights and campaigner against hymen testing.

Ganesh Dhungana. Nepal

Created Action Nepal to provide drinking water and sanitation facilities to local communities and to support people with better livelihood options.

Daroath Phav. Cambodia

Chairman of WaterSHED Ventures Co., Ltd, fighting to improve water supply and sanitation in Cambodia where it has enabled more than 150,000 toilets to be purchased by rural households, aiding 705,000 people.

Tanmoy Kumar Ghose. Bangladesh

His project, AquaLine, aims to develop a practical and complete business model on fish waste utilisation to improve water quality while supporting economic growth. Has also worked on the potential of Biodiesel production in Bangladesh.

Jerome Cowans. Jamaica

Leading campaigner against youth unemployment, both at local and national levels.

Maria Silvia Duarte Acha. Paraguay

Executive Director at UN Global Compact Paraguay Network, she is a volunteer at Fundacion Natan, a local NGO that works to give Paraguay’s indigenous communities a decent life.

Hossam Serag. Egypt

Pioneer in science education, he co-founded edutainment company Science Crafts with the aim of keeping education authentic, practical and engaging by creating applications, science projects and toys for different age groups.

Aya Chebbi. Tunisia

Based at the Afrika Youth Movement, she is dedicated to gender equality, youth empowerment and social justice.

Lalita Purbhoo Junggee. Mauritius

Co-Founder & Head of Marketing & Communications at Sakili, a company that makes heavy duty bags out of billboards and is building a new generation of environment-mindful citizens.

Khamutima Tumwebaze. Uganda

CEO of Young Farmers Champions Network, an organisation which has created over 20,000 decent farm jobs for Ugandan young people and increased farm productivity from 12 to 30 bags of maize per acre.

Gunel Huseynova. Azerbaijan

Founder of Pitchapitch, the first cleantech fundraising platform in the world, combining equity share, rewards, donations, crowdfunding and lending on one website.

Bryan Chesoli. Kenya

Founder of Youth LITE Kenya, a student-led movement set up to inspire active citizenship within student communities as well as out-of-school youth. It looks for opportunities to promote the social inclusion of young people across East Africa.

Rayouf Alhumedhi. Saudi Arabia

Creator of a hijab emoji to give representation to Muslim women in social media and technology.

Fatima Ademoh. Nigeria

Prior to joining OFID this year she founded Waste-2-Watt, a renewable energy mini-grid project that connects biogas electricity to off-grid households, school, and businesses using smart metering.

Abeer Alzayer. Saudi Arabia

George Washington University student and champion of the untapped potential of women, in both her home-country and abroad.

Nourhan Elshhati. Libya

Based in Hungary, she is part of a university research team dealing with the effectiveness of human papillomavirus vaccine, which has led to significantly lower levels of cervical cancer.

Anton Hagen. Ecuador

Based in the Public Sector Operations Department of OFID, he has designed interventions to reduce coca and opium production and to fight human trafficking.

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